Will Apple Watch Change the Demand for Wearable Technology?

Originally posted 2018-09-03 5:03:03

By Diana Chan | amdlawgroup.com

White_AppleWatch_with_ScreenAfter the much hyped keynote speech last week, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, introduced the Apple Watch. Companies like Google and FitBit have been trying to promote wearable technology by working together with fashion designers to create wearable technology that is fashionably appealing rather than appearing like a gadget. However, companies have struggled to get consumers to jump on the bandwagon. Will Apple be able to overcome this gap between of wearable technology and fashion?

Based on the looks, the Apple Watch appears to be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear with a square-shaped, interactive interface. But what makes it different is the Apple Watch’s haptic user interface. In simple terms, haptic feedback is when a device provides notifications in the form of buzzes or vibrations. The Apple Watch will provide localized vibrations which will direct human movement. For example, in terms of directions, vibration on the left indicates that the person wearing the watch should move left. A rapid buzzing means that the person wearing the watch has arrived at their destination.

In terms of fashion, the Apple Watch has comes in several styles and materials for bands, including stainless steel links, top grain leather, and fluoroelastomer (similar to flexible rubber).  The Apple Watch even comes in three collections—the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Collection.

Although the Apple Watch is appealing to iPhone and Android users alike, the Apple Watch is not an independent device—you must have an iPhone. Likewise, the Samsung Gear S only works with Android devices. The watch also comes at a hefty starting price of $349

Apple has certainly considered not only the innovation but also the fashion component. And compared to the recently announced Samsung Gear S, it’s not as bulky or “gadget-y.” The Apple Watch has the potential to change the outlook for wearable technology…but will consumers give in?

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