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Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:20:26

By Kathleen Melhorn |


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10,000 dollars is an awful lot of money to get for composing a 140 character tweet. Class A Celebrity Kim Kardashian is reported to receive this amount from companies who need marketing for their products. Kim is not the only one who has been caught tweeting for cash, other stars like 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg do it as well. What are the ethics involved with tweeting for money? Is this practice considered unethical, or is it just a good idea for companies? 

The ethical issues to consider in this case are manipulation, deception, and accuracy. For starters, this fake tweeting these celebrities are doing is a form of manipulation. Not only is it manipulating, but it’s deceptive especially since the celebrities may not really be using the products. It is because of these lies that a question of accuracy formulates in this case.  The only issue in trying to find out if these tweets are lies is finding out if these celebrities are really using these products. However, if these celebrities were using these products, enjoying them, and tweeting about them on their own free will then there would not be a need for payment.


In an article by The Examiner, they mentioned that the head of “”, a controlled base for celebrity endorsements on social media, says that Celebrities are encouraged to distinguish their tweets from personal tweets to the paid advertisements. After this article aired, there was one tweet from Kardashian’s twitter with “” in it, pointing out that she was paid to tweet. However, none have really been seen since then. 

This practice is not only unethical, but it has a larger impact than one would believe. Kardashian has 17.3 million followers so her fan base is far too large. Also, according to a study by, Celebrities social media has an incredibly large impact on their fans. Celebrities have an incredibly large impact on their fans, manipulating them into buying products they do not really use is completely unethical.



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