The Growing Problem of Counterfeit Websites

Originally posted 2017-02-27 12:03:30

By Bryan Salvadore |

counterfeit websitesA growing number of shoppers are being tricked into purchasing counterfeit designer goods. Counterfeiters often use websites to mislead shoppers. Reports estimate that counterfeit websites receive more than 53 million visits per year.  Counterfeit websites claim that their inventory is “authentic” products that are delivered at discounted rates. These websites often claim to be outlets for designers and use designer trademarks on their site and counterfeit products. Over time these sites have become increasingly sophisticated. It is now common for these sites to dedicate a page to explain their discounted prices to potential customers.

These marketing strategies, coupled with the fact that shoppers are often looking for deals on designer products, allow these sites to dupe a large number of shoppers.

In order to best deal with these rather sophisticated counterfeit websites and protect legitimate brands, brand owners not only need to be aware of the vastness of this problem but also its importance. Firstly, it goes without saying that when counterfeit websites use brands that are registered to other parties, they are depriving brand owners of an exclusive property right to use their marks. This is itself a major issue because a well established brand is a substantial asset for a company. Additionally, when shoppers purchase counterfeit goods it deprives brand owners the income they would otherwise received if shoppers desired an authentic product. Finally, counterfeit sites pose a serious marketplace identity issue. Counterfeit products have a lower quality than the original. As a result of confusion created by these sites “authentic” facade, people may attribute the lower quality counterfeit products with the brand itself.

Once brand owners understand the vastness and importance of the problem that counterfeit websites pose, the next step is to proactively combat this issue. Companies need to continuously monitor the market for brand infringements and proactively fight against brand infringement.

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