The Do’s and Don’t’s About Selecting a Business Coach

The Do’s and Don’t’s About Selecting a Business Coach

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By Nicole LaCicero | Editor: Kristen Daly |

Some business coaches focus on increasing an individual’s productivity in life in order to be successful and increase their performance in the business.[1] Others focus strictly on making their clients rich by increasing online performance.[2] Then, there are eCommerce coaches who focus on applying technology and advanced digital marketing to help businesses gain brand recognition and competitiveness in the marketplace.[3] Hiring an eCommerce coach has many benefits, such as avoiding the time and money spent on trying to streamline redundant or ineffective daily tasks. In addition, there are books, YouTube guide videos, and other sources, like Shopping Cart Elite, a new software application that focuses on software development and marketing.[4] All firms claim to have the answer; however, some see it as more of a business mentorship-relationship. No matter which route a business decides to take, there are certain qualities to look for in a business coach, including an employer-intern relationship.

A business coach must have certain qualities in order to lead their clients toward success.[5] First: experience. Ask for their resume. This includes accomplishments and failures. Those who are successful often have failures from which they learn and gain experience. They must have a good attitude and be willing to share all of their experiences. In addition, they must be a good teacher. This is a skill that not everyone has and if they do not find it enjoyable, their advice will not be well received. Potential clients must inquire into their expertise, such as whether that business coach is active in their field. Whether it is giving lectures or writing books, beware of those who offer many different services; essentially, a one-stop shop. An extension of this includes networking; if they are active and engaged in their field, they will have connections that can be used to help ensure success. A business coach must always be accessible and willing to create a program that is customized to a client’s  lifestyle and business objectives. Finally, while a client may expect a great deal from their business coach, the coach must also set expectations for their clients and hold them accountable.

In addition to selecting the right business coach, one must understand how to work with their business coach in order to get the most out of the business-mentor relationship.[6] Be prepared and have a list of questions that includes background information so the business coach understands the business objectives. Express ideas in an objective manner and do not focus on problems or make excuses. A client should select someone who they respect in the field, as their coaches’ background experience must be relevant to their business ideas and goals. Listen carefully and take notes if necessary. “Be teachable.” This means implement their suggestions because their advice will only contribute to your success. Add value to the relationship. Make sure to express gratitude by referring business, asking what you can do for them and always work hard. Lastly, “pay it forward,” as one day you will have the experience and knowledge to pass down and mentor another.

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