Tebow Trades Cleats for CURE

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:20:56

Tebow for a cureBy Brandon McCoy| www.amdlawgroup.com

Former NFL standout quarterback, now sports analyst, Timothy Richard Tebow has achieved much in his young career. Tebow was a Heisman Trophy winner twice in college at The University of Florida and has enjoyed a somewhat fulfilling career at the NFL level. These accomplishments, have allowed Tebow to take his brand international to create The Tebow CURE hospital. A hospital that will be dedicated to impoverished children in Davao City, Philippines.

Timothy Richard Tebow was born to parents who served as missionaries in the Philippines. The same country that physicians mistook Tim for a tumor, and advised his mother to have an abortion if she wanted to live. Pam Tebow, Tim Tebow’s mother, survived the ordeal. At a 2012 Carolina Pregnancy Center Expo in South Carolina Pam Tebow stated, “But me and my husband trusted in God and went against the doctor… “God spared the life of me and my son.” Tebow has followed in his parent’s footsteps by frequently sharing his love and adoration for the people of the Philippines. Here, in the United States, one of Tim’s favorite hobbies was going to local hospitals, reading to ailed children and inspiring them to be hopeful. It seems logical to combine these two passions and create one impactful outlet. Tim Tebow did just that.

Tim and his foundation, The Tim Tebow Foundation, partnered with CURE International, a Christian organization, dedicated to the service and care of suffering children worldwide. Together, the partnership yielded a beautiful 5-story building complete with a 54 member staff, who are ready and willing to carry out the vision of CURE and Mr. Tebow. The facility will also be equipped with 30 beds, and three, full service, operating rooms. The operating rooms will be dedicated to pediatric and orthopedic procedures. These procedures will be those that are typically treated in the United States, but scarcely in other countries. The procedures include, but are not limited to clubfeet, bowed legs, cleft palates and other congenital limb abnormalities.

The exchange rate for the Philippine Peso and the US dollar is around 44.683. As such, the impressive 12th CURE hospital cost about 134,047,920.00 PHP, which is about $3,000,000 USD. This is a steal when compared to the United States cost of upwards of $420 per square foot for construction costs alone for new hospitals in New York City.

Much like his birth, Tebow has defied the odds and successfully taken his talents off the field, and into the market of international healthcare. Great things are sure to follow.
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