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Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:21:12

cell spyErin Holbrook | www.amdlawgroup.com

Just when you thought you were unplugged, little do you know you’re being stalked!

Even if you are sure you powered down your phone for the night, Android spyware can use your phone to record your voice, and your camera to take video or pictures without your knowledge.

According to research from AVG a well known app for scanning phones and computers for viruses and malware, uncovered this malware and named it Android/PowerOffHijack.A.

A company spokesperson confirmed that about 10,000 affected users have been afflicted by this malware spy.

Talk about an invasion of privacy! The malware makes it “look” as if the phone is turned off, by vibrating, showing the logo and then going black screen, however the phone is still on, and spying on you and anyone close by. AVG suggests to make sure that your phone is shut off, to remove the battery to be 100% it is off. Latest versions of the AVG software is able to detect and remove this type of malware.

So, as usual, be careful when downloading apps ensure they are from a trusted source. When in doubt, run a reliable security scanner to be sure.

With the rise of use of mobile devices and apps, the same goes for scammers and malware. Hopefully not only users, but developers also keep this in mind when creating new apps and keeping them safe and secure against hackers and malware alike.

Have you ever had malware on your phone? Was it hard to remove?

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Source: http://mashable.com/2015/02/19/android-malware-spies-shut-down/


Image credit: http://siliconangle.com/files/2011/12/android-malware.jpg


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