Protecting the Personal Brand of Youtubers

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:23

By Tikwiza Nkowane |

What would you say if someone told you to protect your personality?  The first thing you would probably think about is why would someone do that?! The answer is social media, particularly YouTubers.  YouTube was activated on Monday, February 14, 2005, and since then, it has been used as more than a platform to share video content.  Now the platform is used to make money, whether as a full-time, or money on the side.

Many YouTubers make money off of their personalities and identities and are known for having a YouTube personality.  Just as Nike, Adidas, Apple, or Google are brands, they also have personality.  So why not protect your YouTube personality?

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name and something that a consumer can relate to. This means your brand personality is what makes you money when you are selling or promoting a product.  When people use YouTube, they do so with their own personality.  They produce content that is tangible, which under Copyright law, is immediately protected, if the work is their own, and they have not infringed on someone else’s copyright.

Take, for example, someone demonstrating an exercise, walking you through their travels, or simply uploading a short story every day, told online in a particularly unique style, both in content and in vocally.  Those videos are copyrighted. The personality of the individual becomes part of their brand identity.  The importance of maintaining a healthy brand would be a high priority for individuals who wish to use YouTube as a platform for earning money.

As identity can include all forms of communication and visuals such as logos, colors or fonts, most YouTubers have a specific way of demonstrating what they want to do.  Maintaining a brand, not only means being aware of the content you post but also knowing and making sure your content is not used without your authorization.  Every step should be considered to protect your brand.  Your YouTube content may be only 30 seconds in length, but you may have over 3 million views, because of how you have used your personality and created a brand for yourself, which is now the channel that is attracting attention.  Isn’t this worth protecting?  Most people would say yes.  It would be hard to see your work being taken from under you after spending time having created a very catchy video.

As social media platforms are used as part of everyone’s daily life, maintaining a healthy brand is always beneficial.  So, if you are thinking that you may have something special that you want to post on YouTube as a channel or other content, consider maintaining your brand, and protecting your rights from being infringed by others!


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