Protecting Plants with Patents

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:17:58

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When you come up with a new idea or method of doing something, amid all the excitement, you should think first about how to protect your new idea. That is what Dr. Nate Story did when he came up with his idea for the ZipGrow Tower. By protecting his invention, he was able to see his product come to fruition like never before.

When inventions are being thought up usually they start as a problem that needs solving. That was the case for Dr. Story co-owner of Bright Argotech in Laramie, Wyoming. The problem is that it can be too cold to grow plants and costs for heating are high. A common problem for cold-weather growers across the country. So Dr. Story set out to address this problem and inform those who did not realize there was a problem to be fixed.

The solution is to grow the plants in a tower vertically instead of the normal horizontal method. This also means the plants take up less square footage than traditional methods. Since Dr. Story got his idea while he was attending college, he had access to their research and development center. Once Dr. Story and his partners had the prototype down, they were able to use the research and development center to help file for and obtain their patent. Dr. Story said it was the protection of the patent that allowed him and his partners to start their business.

When the next new invention pops in to your mind, remember to protect it. Protection should always be done with the aid of competent legal counsel. Here at AMD LAW we can help you get protection for your next idea. Contact our office for more information.


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