Piece by Piece: Showcasing the Craftsmanship of your Masterpiece

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:17

By Christina Severino | amdlawgroup.com


The process of launching a new line of products or an addition to an existing collection often involves centering a marketing campaign on the reputation or quality of the brand producing it. The status of a brand itself is oftentimes heavily relied upon during promotions if the brand already carries the prestige of a higher-tiered luxury brand. Recently, Marc Jacobs launched its campaign for the addition of the “Incognito” handbag to its line. Rather than focusing in on the brand’s name and reputation, Marc Jacobs decided to take the alternative angle of showing consumers the origin and process of crafting its handbags.

The stream of marketing began with an email to its subscribed customers. The email opens with an image of gold-colored Marc Jacobs stamps. Next, the mark, “Made in Italy” is shown on a piece of handbag material with a silver strip being lifted off of the mark to demonstrate the process of label stamping on its handbags.  Another image below displays the many color and pattern options available for the “Incognito.” These features of the campaign certainly remind consumers of the meticulous detail involved during the making of each of its handbags. It is also a testament to the exclusivity and individuality that the brand strives to portray. The email goes on to show the handbag in individual leather pieces and is followed by a link to a step-by-step video showing how the bag is sketched out and assembled. The video gives consumers an exclusive sneak-peak into the brand’s commitment to producing excellent products. In addition to the email launch, the company later shared similar images of the “Incognito” and expanded the campaign to include an advertisement in the New York Times.

The unique approach taken by Marc Jacobs allows the consumer to get a better sense of where and how the handbags are being made. The ability to be candid about their product does several things:

  1. It develops rapport with the consumer and reinforces trust in the brand;
  2. It gives the subscribed consumers the feeling of exclusivity and being an active member of the Marc Jacobs brand;
  3. It reinforces the reputation and integrity of the brand as being a leading member and contender in the realm of renowned designers.

If you have already established solid footing in your respective industry, use of this technique may prove to be both a creative and effective marketing tool when launching your next collection. Conversely, if you have just introduced your brand into the marketplace, it may serve as a strong endorsement of your products or services.

Image Credit: http://www.luxury-insider.com/luxury-news/2014/08/effortless-confidence-marc-jacobs-incognito-handbag