Pest Trap 2.0

Originally posted 2016-10-12 12:31:10

By Erin Holbrook |

pest trapTwo UK designers, Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger, created domestic robots to put on a dark show. These designers suggest that instead of watching reality TV, you can watch the circle of life and death with their Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots. Designed to be aesthetic looking furniture more than stereotypical robots.

Five different models have been created Flypaper Robotic Clock, Mousetrap Coffee Table Robot, UV Parasite Fly Killer Robot, Lampshade Robot, and Cobweb Robot. Each have a unique way of luring pests and insects the lampshade Robot uses led lights to attract moths, the Mousetrap Coffee Table uses crumbs on the table to lure in mice. Once the pest is caught and subsequently dies from being trapped, the chemicals of the microbial fuel cells converts it into electricity. The electricity is then used to power the moving parts and a power indicator light.

The Cobweb robot has a place for a spider to spin a web and when a fly is caught and stops moving, an arm grabs the fly and puts it into the bin with the fuel cell. Does this mean the spider may also die from not being able to eat its normal fuel supply of flies? The Flypaper Robotic Clock uses flypaper to catch flies, then rollers move the paper to the bottom and scrapers remove the fly and it falls into the fuel cell and is converted into the energy to power the rollers and a digital clock.

These inventions bring up some controversial questions: Is converting life into energy morally wrong?, Would anyone consider this entertainment?, Would we no longer need pest control companies? and others. These robots are only concepts at this point but it brings up some issues that we may or may not be ready for.



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