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I am sure many of you who play or have played video games do not think of all the work that goes into creating them. However, these inventors put a lot of work into their creations and it is understandable that if they feel someone is using their work without permission, it could be very upsetting. Nintendo is getting sued for its 3D technology on the grounds of patent infringement. The former employee of Sony, Seijiro Tomita, is claiming that he in fact was the one who developed the 3D technology now used in Nintendo’s 3DS which allows users to play games without the usage of 3D glasses. He believes that the company has used his patent without paying any royalties to him. This lawsuit was filed in 2011; however, it has now since started as of earlier this week Monday, February 25th, at the US District Court in New York City. It is estimated that the damages Tomita may receive are about $9.80 per every 3DS that has been sold.

Nintendo is claiming that they did not infringe upon any part of Tomika’s technology. They claim that they had possessed the technology back in 2002 before Tomita even showed his technology to the 3D inventors in 2003. These inventors claim that the meeting they had with Tomita was one of hundreds that they had with individuals who had ideas for the technology for the 3DS. In 2002, Tomita retired from Sony but has many patents for his work worldwide. If Tomita wins the case against Nintendo, he is expected to get about $280 million. Patent infringement is not an issue to be taken lightly. You cannot use someone else’s invention once they have a patent.

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