New Age of Fashion: Dutch Designer Meshes 3D Technology and Haute Couture

Originally posted 2018-06-25 3:52:23

By Bryan Salvadore |

DijkstraNecklace1-e1419283549446One of fashion’s newest trends is the utilization of 3D printing technology to produce custom made clothing, footwear, and jewelry. This is just one of the innovative ways that fashion designers have been changing the face of the fashion market. Martje Dijkstra, is a distinguishing Dutch fashion designer that incorporates 3D technology into her pieces in some groundbreaking ways.

Dijkstra recently launched a new 3D printed jewelry line she calls “Big Cartel”. The pieces blur the line between technology and creative expression. Dijkstra’s various fashion lines have often been described as retro-futuristic and technologically savvy. The designer’s jewelry line in specific blends the organic with 3D printing technology. The result of this blend is haute couture pieces that incorporate a perfect touch of cutting edge technology. For instance, the Dutch designer combines PET filament and a 3D print pencil and a number of other materials to create a beautiful but modern necklace.

Dijkstra is not the only designer that has incorporated technology and fashion. Tory Burch, an American fashion designer is also set to launch a new modern line of bracelets and necklaces in Spring 2015 that incorporates a fitness tracker from Fitbit Inc., a San Francisco-based technology company.

According to Futuresource Consulting, the wearable technology market reached $8 billion in sales last year and is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2017. The growth of this market comes with new challenges. For the purpose of protecting brands, wearable technology poses a whole new set of issues. Challenges range from the quality of patents and the type of patents acquired to operations of trademarks in the market. Aside from developing technology that is fashionable, fashion houses and designers will need to acquire the right trademarks and patents to effectively protect their brand.

Exactly how these challenges will be addressed remains unclear. However, what is clear is that wearable technology is trending and the market for it will likely grow. Therefore, the best way to handle trademark and patent question related to wearable technology is to seek the advice is knowledgeable intellectual property professionals.

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