McDonald’s Seeks to Trademark the McBrunch

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:47

By Chloe Coska |


The Worldwide famous fast food chain is in the process of securing the trademark term “McBrunch.”

With the increasing competition of the breakfast market, the McDonald’s filed the application for “McBrunch” on July 23rd, as an attempt to consolidate its control of the coveted breakfast market.

The Gold M competes with fast food rival Taco Bell with their new morning menu items and also Starbucks which has boosted its breakfast offerings with new breakfast sandwich options.

Peter Benson, McDonald’s CFO, said in a company earnings call this spring, “We’ve had some of our major competitors that have made runs at breakfast, and it seems every year there’s someone new that is making a run.”

McDonald’s has tried to deny their intention to trademark the term, Lisa McComb, a company spokeswoman, told CNBC on Thursday that the firm is not testing a McBrunch concept but merely “routinely file[s] intent to use trademark applications as a regular course of business.”

However, considering that McDonald’s had the intention of extending their breakfast period for years, the results of this initiative might be appear sooner than we think.


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