Fashion Law

fashion law revised

As the fashion industry has grown enormously in size and scope, a growing group of legal practitioners have accumulated insights and legal principles, created a whole new concept: Fashion Law! It undoubtedly preaches gospel to the numerous fashion companies and brands.

While being amazed by the splendidness of African bead crafts and brocade fabrics since Shang Dynasty of China, people actually have been inheriting and evolving one of the oldest industries in the world, fashion. With its role transformed from a trading commodity to consuming luxury goods, counsels and lawyers gradually got involved and gently impart the fashion community with a sight of legal advice. Small ideas gather, stream, and then distinct.

As a young product, Fashion Law is a surprisingly natural and successful creature that evolves from the interdisciplinary studies of fashion and the law. It is fascinating to watch the chemistry reactions between those two realms largely because that none of them are dry, mechanical systems, but full of tension and compatibility. Fashion Law is actually a compilation of different legal disciplines that incorporates issues ranging from intellectual property (copyright and trademark law, including brand licensing), domestic and international business transactions, textiles, merchandising, to employment and labor concerns, customs and consumer cultures. It is an emerging legal field, just like other objects of legal relations, serves its irreplaceable role in a delicate yet fast-changing fashion world.