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AMD LAW   |   Luxury Law Firm

Luxury Law Firm is a division of the premier international trade law firm AMD LAW. The area of luxury law incorporates industry-specific legal interests in fashion law, beauty law, design law, art law, leisure law, and entertainment and sports law.

From inventors, innovation leaders, start-ups, small businesses to large international conglomerates, individuals in all industries are often confronted with a variety of legal challenges that can affect business development, products, business operations and overall profitability. In an industry as competitive as fashion, design, beauty, art and entertainment and sports there is no substitute for experience, connection, and commitment. Our attorneys at AMD LAW are adept and skillful at handling sophisticated matters for clients in these areas while offering a personalized client interaction.

AMD LAW aids in refining your brand’s international intellectual property strategy and focuses on assisting luxury businesses with brand development, brand protection, and sustaining fruitful partnerships with manufacturers and retailers of their high-end goods and services. Expanding luxury enterprises internationally calls for the practice of specialized expertise and experience in luxury law; it calls for AMD LAW.

Luxury Law Firm’s practice areas include Fashion LawBeauty LawDesign LawEntertainment LawSports LawArt Law

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