Kuwait Under Fire Over Copyright issues

Originally posted 2018-07-09 1:04:24

By Chloe Coska | amdlawgroup.com

kuwaitKuwait is now subject to heightened scrutiny from the US Trade Representative as the country failed to implement better standards to improve its intellectual property regulation. The United States on Monday raised Kuwait higher on the list of countries to watch regarding potential breach of US trademark, copyright and intellectual property rights.

The US trade representative said that Kuwait failed to align itself on international standards regarding its copyright law and to properly protect copyright and trademarks.

US Trade Representative said in a statement that “the United states is concerned about the lack of sustained enforcement action against trademark infringement and the lack of progress in passage of updates to Kuwait’s copyright legislation, which hamper the overall market environment for intellectual property-intensive industries.”

Kuwait is now part of the top 10 countries, including India and China, which are on the “priority watch list.” Being on this list means for Kuwait a higher level of scrutiny and more pressure to put its policies on line.

This is fundamental for trade and cooperation between US and Kuwait as companies are hesitant to implant into a country where there is a lack of enforcement on Copyright and Trademarks, their brands are often targets of counterfeits. US and Kuwait economic relations could be hurt if the country does not put more effort into its intellectual property regulation.

However, according to the US Trade representative, the US is encouraged by recent reports demonstrating progress on enforcement against copyright infringements, also by the country’s recent accession to several intellectual property treaties.

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