Kaught Red Handed: Kardashians Sued for Stolen Name

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:58

By Kathleen Melhorn | amdlawgroup.com



After adding an H in “Kroma”, the Kardashians are facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over their new line of beauty products. In fact, a judge ruled that all of the products be removed from over 5,000 retail stores because of the brand theft. The sisters are facing a serious battle considering how deliberate the stealing of the name looks.

The original Kroma products, created by Lee Tillet over 12 years ago, have been patented by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.  Tillet explained that the Kardashians blatantly stole her product name and continued to manufacture the goods even after she confronted them back in 2010. The Kardashians reached out to Tillet and sent her products but Tillet did not agree to the Sisters taking over her company brand. She then ordered a cease-and-desist letter to the distributor of Kardashian Products, Boldface Group. However, the Kardashians ignored the letter and continued to distribute the products.

Back In January, The Kardashians attempted to trademark “Khroma”, with the H, as their own. They were rejected by the U.S Patent and Trademark office, but continued to distribute the products anyways. Lee Tillet is being commended for standing up to the Kardashian clan and the lawsuit has ruled in her favor. The products are off the shelves and the money will be in her pockets in no time.


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