Inventor Creates in Wife’s Memory

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:15

caulkBy Erin Holbrook |

An inventor from Minnesota is using his loss of a loved one to drive his invention for “Easy Caulk.”

Greg Amundson along with his kids and wife June started to create his invention for “Easy Caulk.” They wanted to take the mess out of traditional caulk guns and provide a product from the USA. They also wanted it to be environmentally friendly.

It is a peel and stick type of application that requires no skill or tools. Easy for anyone to do. The product is non-toxic and does not leave waste like the traditional caulk tubes half full lying in landfills.

This project was always a family affair, with his wife helping out, and daughter taking over when she was ill. Son Erik was the machine expert and built the first prototype of a device to add adhesive to the PVC. His wife June passed away in December of 2014 of lung cancer.

Greg and his kids participated in local charity events helping others that are in need as a tribute to their wife and mom June. Also 5% of all sales of “Easy Caulk” go to the American Lung Association.

I feel that there is no better feeling than to create an invention, even better if you can do it with the ones you love or in a loved ones’ memory. Doing this would give even greater drive to overcome obstacles and succeed. Also giving back is also important, whether you donate a portion of your earnings, or create a product that can help others.

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