4 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:21:42

By Diana Chan | amdlawgroup.com

ID-10023735This past August, JPMorgan Chase and other banks were hit by hackers in a series of cyber attacks.  These hackers were able to infiltrate the banks’ systems, affecting over 76 million people and seven million small businesses. Although attacks on major corporations are much larger in scale, small businesses are often easy targets for hackers because of the lack of security measures and reliance on cloud-based services. Many small business owners think that their business isn’t noticeable enough to be a target. We often think of cyber attacks in relation to big corporations because of the enormous amount of people who are affected. But it’s much easier to target small businesses who lack security measures or rely on cloud storage to store sensitive customer information. From 2011 to 2012, there was a 300 percent increase of cyber attacks on small businesses according to the security company Symantec. Cyber attacks don’t just affect large corporations–small businesses are often targeted by hackers. How can you protect your business from a potential cyber attack? Here are some easy but key points to remember to protect your business:

  1. Use different passwords for all your accounts and make sure they are strong.  It almost seems too easy, but it makes it harder for cybercriminals to access related business accounts.
  2. Use anti-virus software. Make sure that the software is updated to ensure that your data is protected.
  3. If you use cloud-based services, be conscious of what you are storing and how information is being secured. Know the terms of the cloud service and what measures its taking to protect the information stored.
  4. Back-up your information on a hard-drive. Malware and viruses can easily affect your computer and erase pertinent information and hard work. Don’t forget to back up your essential files.

It’s not just big corporations that are affected—small businesses are easy targets for hackers. Don’t overlook these simple points that could help protect your business.


Image Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Computer_Networks_g351-Firewall_Protection_p23735.html

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