Hoverboard: Wheels Need Not Apply

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:20:53

By Erin Holbrook | amdlawgroup.com

hoverboardArx Pax founders Greg and Jill Henderson created a new way to get around, on a real working hoverboard. While there had been rumors in the past of hoverboard technology, this time it is patent pending. The Hendersons have designed a hoverboard called the Hendo, that uses a magnetic field to lift and propel users via magnetic field technology. Based in California, and funded using crowdfunding, the Hendersons have a target release date for the Hendo Hoverboard set for October 2015.

While this invention has been dreamed about for years in the movies, it has finally become a reality and this is just the beginning. This is a proof of concept and investors are able to contribute and participate. Investors can also get a developer toolkit white box that allows them to receive a hover disc engine and use it to come up with new uses.They want to put the technology in your hands. The Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology is scalable so it will work in small and very large implementations.

The Hendo uses four disk hover engines use a magnetic field over a non-ferromagnetic surface to create the lift and self propulsion needed to hover.The founders are researching how to minimise cost and maximize the technology and hope to have hover parks in the future for their product. This technology will change how we all view transportation.

For a pledge of $10,000.00 one of the first 10 Heno hoverboards can be yours. Are flying cars next? Only time will tell.

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