House of Holland: IP Theft Woes

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:20:01

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London Fashion Week has been the event that has introduced many new trends and creative fashion designs. The fashion industry has struggled with the issue of intellectual property as other countries, particularly China, threaten the fashion companies through counterfeit products. Fashion designer Henry Holland, warns others participating in the Fashion Week, about the dangers of intellectual property theft. Henry Holland, who owns House of Holland, thought that the start of the event was the perfect time to raise awareness of this issue. Since Mr. Holland owns a small company, the dangers of stolen designs from larger companies harm his business. His fear is that once his designs are shown in London Fashion Week, counterfeiters can easily manufacture and distribute his ideas before him.

House of Holland had issues with intellectual property theft before. Chinese counterfeiters sell its copied eyewear line as real House of Holland products. The detrimental effects to the company itself are great because its brand name is being diluted and profit is taken. Other companies are able to copy and sell your exact same product for less than half its price—lessening the quality of your brand name and making money off of your creative designs. To make matters more complicated, “with a lot of larger stores, for example Gallery Lafayette Beijing, they won’t accept our collections without full proof of us having a registered trademark…It’s very tricky because it’s expensive to register IP in every territory that you export to and every category that you manufacture products in”, says Henry Holland. With more companies counterfeiting products, the line between intellectual property infringements becomes blurred—what’s right and what’s wrong?

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