High Fashion Becomes Wearable

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:18:36

By Gloria Han | amdlawgroup.com

Alexander Wang, a creative director at the French design house Balenciaga, is a well-known American fashion designer:


The rumors about Alexander Wang’s collaboration with H&M have been proven to be true. Wang’s designer collaboration with H&M has been available in stores since November 6th. Wang is the tenth high fashion designer who H&M had collaborated with.

 alexander wang

It seems as though the fashion industry no longer is divided into two separate categories: street wear clothes and high-end fashion. H&M’s collaboration with high-end fashion designers seems to combine these two worlds in order to expand the fashion market as a whole. From a cultural and legal standpoint, these collaborations are a unique opportunity to delve into new markets and expand the high fashion market into the fashion-mass market. High fashion designers can use these collaborations as a way to create brand awareness.

For years the fashion industry has created and imitated clothing seen on the runway of the high-end fashion world. Within weeks, consumers can have access to similar and almost identical variations of designer clothing. Ironically, high fashion designers simultaneously have been known to draw inspiration from past, present, or future culture. The street also influences the designs of high-end fashion. For example, on a pullover sweater in Wang’s collection, the parental advisory logo was taken from the hip-hop music culture. Fashion, which revolves around culture, style, and creativity, appears to have an issue with intellectual property in general. With all these collaborations, who owns the rights to the designs?

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