Getting a Trademark for a “Controversial” Name

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:17:15

By Tasha Schmidt |

It is important to trademark your name, especially when it is your band’s name, and this is exactly what this Asian rock group is attempting to do. Except the rock group is trying to trademark the name, “The Slants.” The band tried to trademark the name over three years ago, and has since been fighting to get it officially trademarked. The band is hoping that they might be able to find a federal court that will not classify the name as being, “racist” or “derogatory.”

Currently, they are actually hoping their current appeal will be denied. They have already filled out an application for their next attempt, however, this time they are not referring to their ethnicity or race in any way. The manager and bass player of the band is looking to consult other sources on their current opinions and will attempt to ask for their support on the matter. Tam is looking into asking the Commission on Asian and Pacific Island affairs concerning the trademark. He is hoping to get their approval concerning the band’s name and hopes that they will be willing to write a letter of a approval if the case ends up going to federal court. Tam states that their name, “The Slants,” is used as a sort of ironic term for, “Asian empowerment,” and because of this long legal fight they have not been able to protect their name even though they have completed four albums and are currently on their fourth.

This will be an interesting case to follow in the world of trademarks.


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