Fashion Inspiration: Michelle Obama

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:21:31

By Mercedes Joshua |

Michelle Obama 1  Michelle Obama2     Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, as you know, is our First Lady and the first African American First Lady. Just by being an intelligent African American woman Mrs. Obama became an inspiration to young African American women all over the world. But once she became First Lady, she was not only an inspiration because of her intelligence or graduating from Harvard, or becoming lawyer, or for being a public servant to the people. She was also an inspiration because of her fashion sense. She has a very sophisticated style. When it comes to her fashion, she is mostly known for wearing long, classy, beautiful dresses. The dresses she wears are very stylish, they are not revealing but at the same time they could be put in the category of sexy-chic, meaning that a woman can feel sexy wearing those dresses, even though they are not revealing. Mrs. Obama style tells people that she is a strong, smart, confident woman. Because not only is she very intelligent and a pillar of the community, she also knows that you do not have to wear revealing clothes to be considered attractive.


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