Fashion Inspiration: Justin Timberlake

Originally posted 2018-07-09 1:04:30

By Mercedes Joshua |



Justin Timberlake is an American singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, businessman, and philanthropist. He rose to stardom in his early teen years and has steadily become a fashion icon. Justin Timberlake is known nationwide for a variety of things. He has been active in several charitable pursuits, initially through ‘N Sync’s “Challenge for the Children” aimed at a range of charities, and since 2001 through his “Justin Timberlake Foundation,” which initially funded music education programs in schools, but now has a much broader agenda.

Because he is such a famous and talented artist, actor, businessman, and involved in charitable pursuits, he is seen as a role model to young men. Young men will thrive to be just like Justin Timberlake so that they can achieve what he has achieved, and this includes his sense of fashion. Justin Timberlake has developed a style that tells people that he is dressing for success. When Justin Timberlake is out and about you rarely view pictures of him where is not dressed in a suit or dressed in professional attire. Justin Timberlake’s style inspires young men to dress how they want to be viewed by others. If you dress like a slob, you will be seen as a slob. But if you dress like a professional, you will be seen as someone who is serious about their career and wants to succeed. And that it was Justin Timberlake inspires young men to do.


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