Fashion and Technology: A Marriage that Will Ever Work?

Originally posted 2018-07-12 5:32:15

By Diana Chan |

Technology has become key to fashion from creating the designs to marketing the product. But what about wearable technology as part of high-end fashion lines?

Fashion leans on incorporating an inspiration into the design of a product line. Technology fused with fashion has been much harder for consumers to embrace.  Wearable technology is much more focused on utility, the future, and how much an individual can get out of a certain product. When you buy a new cell phone or a laptop, chances are a new model is being prepared for the next year that is thinner and has more features. Technology embraces aesthetic as well but not in a way that is necessarily inspirational.

Now designer brands are attempting to bridge the gap between fashion and technology.  Tory Burch is collaborating with FitBit. In Spring 2013, Rebecca Minkoff introduced the Stellé Audio Collection, a portable speaker encased in a clutch.  For her Spring 2013 collection, Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) incorporated Google Glass at the 2012 New York Fashion Week. More recently, a Google Glass line designed by DVF became available for purchase. Watch brand Withings created “Activité,” a watch that includes sensors and tracks daily activity but looks like a classic timepiece.

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The difficulty in integrating wearable technology and fashion is that they each serve a different purpose, the pace at which they develop varies, and the two industries function differently.  The Activité watch effectively combines technology and fashion without sacrificing aesthetics, but other devices like the Google Glass have that futuristic look that may not always fit in with what is fashionable.

With the attempt of well-known brands incorporating wearable technology as part of their product lines, the fusion of technology and luxury fashion may be an effective marketing strategy to nudge consumers into embracing a product that has an element of high-end fashion. For now though, the two together are only a budding relationship.


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