Even Grumpy Cat Needs a Trademark

Even Grumpy Cat Needs a Trademark

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:44

By Tasha Schmidt | amdlawgroup.com

Fans and people at the South by Southwest Conference have been lined up for hours to see the recent feline internet sensation, Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. However, her “cat celebrity name” if you will is Grumpy Cat, and this is exactly what her owners have chosen to file for U.S. trademark protection over. They have wasted no time in protecting Grumpy Cat’s intellectual property rights.

Ironically, the cat is very sweet-tempered by nature, but naturally has a “sourpuss like expression” on her face. Owned by Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen, who are brother and sister from Arizona and Ohio, simply put one of her pictures online on Reddit.com under the title “Meet grumpy Cat,” and fans instantly took to the cat. They ran with images of the cat and proceeded to share pictures of it with funny expressions.

Grumpy Cat is now very famous she has her own website, a Facebook Fan Page, as well as a store selling merchandise. The cat recently has also landed a Friskie’s cat food commercial, as well as an appearance on the Today Show.

The trademark application was filed in January 2013 for items such as mobile case phone covers, videos, greeting cards, as well as coffee mugs and t-shirts. I wonder if this Grumpy Cat has idea how famous she truly has become.


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