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Employee Grievance Policy & Procedure – AMD LAW GROUP

Employee Grievance Policy & Procedure


AMD Law recognizes that in any work environment there are times when employees need to express concerns and work-related problems in a formal manner.  This Grievance Policy establishes the process whereby AMD Law employees may present to AMD Law his/her concerns and other work-related problems and provides for the prompt and considerate review of such issues.  Rest assured that following the grievance procedures will not result in retaliatory action.  Please be sure to follow the grievance policy process and complete all forms in great detail.  This is a multi-level grievance policy, however, it is desired that the grievance be resolved at level 1.


This Policy shall apply to grievances by employees against AMD Law and other employees alleging unlawful discrimination with regard to the terms and conditions of employment and AMD Law services, unlawful harassment and unfair treatment relative to a work-related problem or condition that may affect the employee’s job performance.


Step One

An employee with a grievance shall, within ten (10) business days after the action giving rise to the grievance, meet with his/her immediate supervisor, submit in writing the nature of the grievance and discuss the grievance.  The employee shall specify in writing that he/she is filing a formal grievance using Employee Grievance Level 1 Form.  The grievance form must be signed and dated by the employee.  The supervisor will investigate the grievance and make a decision and inform the employee, in writing, within sixty (60) business days after the initial meeting.  A decision in this first step is required to proceed to level 2.
Step Two

If the grievance is not resolved at Step One, the employee may request a meeting with the next level of management in the chain of command within ten (10) business days after receiving receipt of the supervisor’s written decision or, in the case Step Two begins the grievance process with the completion of the Employee Grievance Level 2 Form.  The employee shall provide any and all additional information in writing regarding the nature of the grievance. Please do not repeat the information in Level 1 for Level 2. The written statement must be signed and dated by the employee.  The parties shall attempt to resolve their grievance informally at this level. The employee shall be notified, in writing, of the decision regarding the grievance within sixty (60) business days.

If the employee’s grievance directly involves actions by this supervisor, then the employee may bypass this step and proceed to the next level of management within the chain of command.  The employee must advance through all levels of grievance to proceed to step 3.

Step Three

Decision by the Senior Managing Partner

Within thirty (30) business days after receipt of the decision in Step Two, an employee may request, in writing, a meeting with the Senior Managing Partner.  The written request must include the following: (1) a statement concerning the basis of the grievance; (2) a statement detailing the attempts to resolve the grievance and the results; and (3) a statement indicating the remedy or corrective action sought.  The written statement must be signed and dated by the employee.

The Senior Managing Partner may, at his/her discretion, forward any grievance to an appointed Grievance Committee.  In the event that the employee’s grievance directly involves actions by the Senior Managing Partner the matter shall proceed to arbitration to be facilitated by AMD Law.

Decision by the Grievance Committee

The appointed Grievance Committee’s hearing shall be conducted in accordance with the AMD Law’s Grievance Committee Hearing Procedure.  The employee shall be notified, in writing, of the Committee’s decision or recommendation within ten (10) business days after the hearing.  For all other cases, the Grievance Committee shall present their recommendation to the Senior Managing Partner and the Senior Managing Partner shall adopt the Committee’s recommendation or make his/her own determination.  In either event, the employee shall be notified in writing of the Senior Managing Partner’s decision within ten (10) business days.  The Senior Managing Partner’s decision shall be final.  Should the employee disagree with the Senior Managing Partners decision the matter shall be resolved via arbitration to be facilitated by AMD Law.


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