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Domain Names: Registration, Maintain and Monitor – AMD LAW GROUP

Domain Names: Registration, Maintain and Monitor

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:03

By Kathy Stewart  |

URLTo introduce one to domain names and domain registration, one must begin with a basic understanding of the World Wide Web, in particular websites. Every computer on the Internet has an Internet protocol or IP address, which is a unique string of four numbers separated by periods, such as Since remembering the IP address of Websites would be nearly impossible, a domain name system was created to replace the length of IP address thereby assigning a unique name to each numeric IP address. A domain name is therefore the unique name given to that particular website or IP address.

For business owners, start-up companies, inventors and especially those who intend to create an online presence (online store, blog, etc.) A registered domain name is essential. A registered domain name creates an identity in cyberspace. It is vital because it grants ownership and builds reputation and credibility. It carries your brand image and further boosts brand value. Jason Otis, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Axeltree Media states that [domain registration] is “the one decision you make when creating your website that will have the most long-term impact on generating site traffic.” (Axeltree Media 2014)

However, registering a “good” domain name and choosing a “good” company to register domain name with can be a challenge. It is not merely choosing any name and allowing it to be your unique domain name for your online business. One must conduct research well, or else end up getting a poor quality domain name.

Tips for registering a domain name include:

  • Choose a domain name that is logical and memorable
  • Select a name as close as possible to your business name
  • Avoid using numbers, hyphens, symbols or ones that are difficult to spell
  • Consider registering misspellings of your domain name, to avoid confusion

To begin the process, begin thinking of an ideal brand name, utilizing the tips above, ensure that it suits your brand and business concepts. Come up with several names because chances are the initial domain name you attempt to register is taken. Obtaining a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organization called The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through a domain name registrar. For example, if you choose a name like “”, you will have to go to a registrar, pay a registration fee that costs between $10 to $40 for that name. That will give you the right to the domain name for a year, with an option to annually renew.

There are several websites that can assist with registering a domain name. The following is a brief list of sites where one can create a domain name and research what each company offers in domain name registration.

name cheap

GODADDY register

  • 1&

With the large variety of domain name registrars, it becomes important to conduct proper research and choose the registrar company that best implements your domain name and company needs. This choice is crucial to branding, cyberspace awareness and reliability.

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