Counterfeit Fashion

Originally posted 2018-06-25 3:52:25

By Tasha Schmidt |

As many people’s wallets are getting tighter it seems more people are sacrificing buying genuine luxury goods and instead are investing in fake fashion goods. Counterfeit fashion and brand imitation is going on all over the world. Some people may unknowingly be buying fake products, as many of the fake luxury designer websites can appear to be very real and may even have social media sites to make them seem more authentic. However, what is more shocking is the percentage of the people that are knowingly buying fake products. It seems that 22 percent of buyers knowingly participate in buying fake goods. Mock ‘designer’ handbags seem to be the number one selling fake items, following close behind with sunglasses and watches.

Many of the luxury design companies are trying hard to enforce brand protection. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more people are choosing to do their shopping online. And, unfortunately online, it is harder to tell if a product is actually authentic. Many luxury brands are loosing money and feel as though they will fight for brand protection the same way the music industry is fighting back against illegal downloading. These luxury brands are investing in programs to help them spot fake websites so that they may protect their brands and prevent against copyright infringement . These luxury design companies are encouraging people to buy used authentic luxury brand items instead of going out and searching for poor quality fake brand goods. Brand protection is extremely important as people’s intellectual property designs are their ideas and should always be protected. 


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