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Copyright Law

Let our experts guide you through the legal and consulting services offered to protect your Copyright interests. At AMD we offer personal consultation for all assignments and queries that our Clients may have. Working our way up since 2009, we have founded a global network of connections to help our clients avail of services in the US and internationally. COPYRIGHT SERVICES

  • Copyright Registration: Copyright registration gives public notice of your rights to your work and it gives you the right to sue for infringement and collect damages.

  • Copyright Search: A thorough search to identify whether identical or similar works are registered with the copyright office. Also includes a search of public records to find similar works. The search result is accompanied by a legal analysis and opinion on the protectability of your work.

  • Copyright Infringement Review: Determining whether or not a work infringes on a copyright is a complex process that involves analyzing the works at issue, reviewing legal cases in applicable states and federal courts, applying appropriate tests for infringement, and providing a legal summary of options and anticipated results.

  • Copyright Infringement Litigation: Including USPTO Opposition, Cancellation, and Infringement Litigation.

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