Chanel Sues Chanel

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:21:56

By Gloria Han |

chanelChanel, the corporation, claimed that Chanel’s Salon, LLC and Chanel Jones committed trademark infringement and trademark dilution of its brand name CHANEL. Because Chanel Jones used the trade names CHANEL’S SALON and CHANEL’S COSMETOLOGY SALON without Chanel’s permission, the industry filed a lawsuit alleging that she impinged on the company’s intellectual property rights. Prior to the lawsuit, Chanel sent a letter requesting Chanel Jones to change the name of her salon but there was no response and attempts to settle the dispute were unsuccessful.
For over 85 years, Chanel held and continues to hold the rights to the CHANEL trademark and sells goods including hair accessories and men’s shower gel. The Chanel brand is widespread and is exclusively associated with its products and services from the corporation. The court concluded that Chanel’s trademark was famous and distinct.
Despite the fact that Ms. Jones’ hair salon is her first name, her use of the CHANEL trademark dilutes the mark by lessening the distinctiveness of the brand. In addition, the products marketed and sold at the salon is similar to Chanel’s hair products and accessories. Consumers are likely to confuse the source of the product because of the association with the brand name CHANEL and the similarity of products offered. Chanel Jones did not have the right to license the mark or gain permission from Chanel to use the CHANEL trademark. Chanel asked for injunctive relief and other reliefs that it might deserve.


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