Corporate Compliance Litigation Support

Conducting business in the U.S. and abroad requires diligence in the areas of corporate compliance with respect to accounting, earnings reporting, and the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers. Our corporate compliance professionals provide the advice and guidance you need to remain in compliance with federal law and regulations relative to international business.

Our corporate compliance professionals work with human resources managers and corporate officers to develop and implement compliance programs. Our compliance professionals also work with companies to conduct internal investigation and provide assistance with non-compliance allegations. We advise clients around the world on the design, implementation, and operation of corporate compliance and business ethics programs.

With our international focus, AMD LAW advises companies doing business in different regions of the world with a mind toward business growth and development.

AMD LAW has a unique concentration of attorneys providing counseling and advocacy for trade associations, professional societies, corporate foundations, and other types of nonprofit organizations. Our attorneys has experience representing nonprofit boards, providing assistance with matters of general nonprofit law and matters unique to particular industries and professions.

Using our legal experience and creativity, we not only solve your immediate legal needs, but also create a pathway for your business by putting together great philosophy and drive to fuel your ideas. We will provide you with expert advice and affordable services for almost any issue your nonprofit organization may encounter, such as forming a new legal entity, amending governance structure or policies, and building framework and conducting fundraising. Since our business and corporate attorneys help many businesses on a wide variety of issues, such as protecting their brands against infringements, resolving employee disputes, and accommodating new investors, we’ll also combine these strengths in brand marketing and legal maintenance with your nonprofit’s development.

For more information about how we can put our experiences and creativity to work for you, contact us online or call toll free at 800-682-0669 to schedule an initial consultation.

The scope of our corporate compliance includes the following:

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