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016: The Three Types of Patents

[podcast src="" height="360" width="450" placement="top" theme="standard"]Download this episodeIn this episode, we discuss the three types of patents. Lead-off Quote: We think we have solved the mystery of creation. Maybe we should patent the universe and charge everyone royalties for their existence. ~Stephen Hawkings

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How to Protect Your Start-Up—Even Before You Have a Brand

By Diana Chan | Even before you establish a brand, there are steps you can take to protect your intellectual property. A business is recognized by its brand, and to protect the brand, businesses often federally trademark their brand. One major aspect of trademark registration is use. Do an initial research to get a sense of whether your idea for a brand name or logo is already being used with products or services similar to what you plan on selling. If there is, you might hav

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The Rocket Science Behind Protecting Out-of-This-World Innovation

By Irina Pomestchenko and Shandice Sluch | In an era where human space exploration is imminently upon us, advancements in space technology not only challenge gravitational boundaries but also established laws. On October 10, 1967, the Outer Space Treaty was created. The treaty governs international space law. This treaty prohibits any claims of national sovereignty, yet permits all states to freely explore the outer space. Traditionally, outer space was a government

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I.P. News: Contact Lense Patents Submitted By Johnson & Johnson

Christina Severino | Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has recently submitted a series of patent applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that focus on electronic content lenses. The company is known for its personal care and pharmaceutical products, but has lately directed its attention on innovations related to eye care. The list of J&J’s patents includes lense technology which would create a theromchromic shield that protects the eye fro

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New Age of Fashion: Dutch Designer Meshes 3D Technology and Haute Couture

By Bryan Salvadore | One of fashion's newest trends is the utilization of 3D printing technology to produce custom made clothing, footwear, and jewelry. This is just one of the innovative ways that fashion designers have been changing the face of the fashion market. Martje Dijkstra, is a distinguishing Dutch fashion designer that incorporates 3D technology into her pieces in some groundbreaking ways. Dijkstra recently launched a new 3D printed jewelry line she calls “Big Cart

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Developments in Biotechnology and Genetic Licensing

By Irina Pomestchenko and Aurelia Mitchell Durant | The global biotechnology sector is rapidly expanding. This expansion is leading to more discoveries and innovations than ever before. The field of biotechnology is based upon the controlled and deliberate manipulation of biological systems for the manufacture or processing of useful products. Biological systems are living cells and their cellular and molecular components. Genetic splicing was modernized in 1971 by Paul B

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Patent Reform: How Can We Fix This?

Erin Holbrook| The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been in the news lately regarding reform and how we can overhaul the process for patents to ensure that it is fostering innovation and not stifling it. As it is today, the US patent and trademark office issues patents that have terms that are too broad and vague, give patents for too long, and require too much effort to understand. The way things are working now it is all too easy for patent trolls to take a

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Road to the ITC is paved with Patent Trolls

By Cher Sauer, Staff Writer BACKGROUND:  Part of the International Trade Commission (ITC)’s job is to protect U.S. industry by monitoring foreign imports. The ITC can prevent goods from entering the country—including for infringement of IP. And it can issue only one remedy for infringements—an injunction. No money, just exclusion orders that stop violators in their tracks. And this is exactly why legitimate businesses and questionable businesses alike have raced down the road to the I

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Isn’t It Obvious? A Look at the Effect of Obviousness in Patent Law

By Kristen Daly | When determining the patentability of a product, one must ensure that the invention falls under the category of patentable subject matter. Included under patentable subject matter is a requirement for non-obviousness. Under USPTO patent laws and regulations, a patent for a claimed invention may not be obtained “if the differences between the claimed invention and the prior art are such that the claimed invention as a whole would have been obvious before

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New Moves for an Old Can

Erin Holbrook | Why get up and throw trash in the can, when you can toss trash anywhere and the can moves to you? The Smart Trash Can does just that, with help from a sensor and computer, the can knows where your trash will fall and moves by itself to catch the trash before it hits the ground. A Japanese engineer, Minoru Kurata, created the Smart Trash Can that uses a wall-mounted sensor to pick up the direction of the thrown trash. A computer calculates wirelessly the trajector

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