international business

Keep Calm and Carry On

By Tasha Schmidt | "Keep Calm and Carry On." Have you ever heard this phrase before? This phrase's popularity is growing throughout the world as more and more people are finding resonation in the words. This phrase has been reproduced, parodied, and reprinted on everything from mouse pads to t-shirts. Now the real question is, who has ownership? Originally the poster was made as a propaganda poster by the British World War II government in 1939 in preparation for an invasion f

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Regulations Abroad: Is Your Business in Compliance?

By Chloe Coska | When you want to expand your business internationally, what are the consequences? What regulations do companies have to comply with? What are the strategies in order to be a successful international business? Marketing products and services internationally can cause greater exposure to infringement. However, in this day and age, the Internet makes every business akin to global exposure, meaning more risks. There are several international regulations that b

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