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Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping App Thwarted

By Christina Severino | A lawsuit was filed in the New York Supreme Court by the founder of Spotted Friend, a company that offers a search engine tool in which people may find and purchase items found in pictures their friends have posted or shared with them. Spotted Friend has brought the action against Lindsay Lohan, her younger brother Michael Lohan, Jr., and Vigme, Inc (Vigme). Vigme has launched a similar tool, which is a mobile app that allows people to purchase items th

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New Age of Fashion: Dutch Designer Meshes 3D Technology and Haute Couture

By Bryan Salvadore | One of fashion's newest trends is the utilization of 3D printing technology to produce custom made clothing, footwear, and jewelry. This is just one of the innovative ways that fashion designers have been changing the face of the fashion market. Martje Dijkstra, is a distinguishing Dutch fashion designer that incorporates 3D technology into her pieces in some groundbreaking ways. Dijkstra recently launched a new 3D printed jewelry line she calls “Big Cart

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Nike Sues Former Designers Who Left to Work for Adidas

By Bryan Salvadore | The ongoing battle for supremacy between Nike and Adidas has recently reached a new level. Last week, Nike initiated a suit against three former designers who decided to leave Nike for their competitor Adidas. The suit ask for upwards of $10 million in damages. The lawsuit alleges that a few of the companies top designers, Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce, and Mark Mine used trade secrets from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen to sell themselves to Adidas. The Innovatio

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Battles in Design Law

By Gloria Han | The number of design infringement cases have been increasing, as the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, a court equivalent to the High Court regarding intellectual property matters, based in London, is hearing cases faster and at a far less cost. In addition, a change brought about by the Intellectual Property Act 2014 may further impact design law cases. The difficulty with proving an unregistered designed infringement case is putting a particular design in

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Not Your Knot, Bottega Veneta’s Knot

By Gloria Han | The fashion brand, Bottega Veneta, well-known for its hand bangs and fragrances, had filed its unique “knot” design for trademark registration. Initially, the design was rejected by the USPTO because the knot was a non-distinctive product design and needed a secondary meaning. Bottega Veneta attempted to prove that its knot was distinctive through submitting its sales record, media coverage, high remarks from other fashion industry experts, and a comparison w

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The Growing Problem of Counterfeit Websites

By Bryan Salvadore | A growing number of shoppers are being tricked into purchasing counterfeit designer goods. Counterfeiters often use websites to mislead shoppers. Reports estimate that counterfeit websites receive more than 53 million visits per year.  Counterfeit websites claim that their inventory is “authentic” products that are delivered at discounted rates. These websites often claim to be outlets for designers and use designer trademarks on their site and counterf

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My Smell is Unique

By Gloria Han | Kimiya Shams argues that intellectual property law should protect fragrances. Competition between fragrance companies, mainly in Europe, is on the rise. In 2012, the global fragrance market was valued at $28 billion dollars and companies spend around 7 to 12 percent of their revenues from perfume sales in research alone. If a brand sells the most popular fragrance, its revenue can easily exceed one billion dollars per year. Chanel’s famous No. 5, which is sold

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