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Brand Policing – AMD LAW GROUP

Brand Policing

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After your brand is registered, monitoring it is the next step. Failure to protect your brand from dilution is a serious matter and requires immediate attention. As a trademark owner, your ongoing responsibility is to guard your creative ingenuity as if it were an invaluable asset.

With that said, consider the resources and time that were necessary in registering your mark. These efforts should never go to waste, and Brand Policing Services is the best way to protect your investment.

AMD LAW is a premier law firm that offers exceptional legal assistance. Our firm offers Brand Policing Services for a flat rate of $295.00 per year per trademark.




Services include:
– Monitoring of the USPTO database to detect any attempts to register the same or similar trademark.
– Comprehensive third p
arty monitoring for any infringing commercial use of your mark.
– Safeguarding your brand to make sure that you remain in compliance with trademark laws and regulations.
– Providing you with reports twice per calendar year detailing any potential infringement and notifying you of any action needed on your trademark, including renewal notifications.


Here are just a few of the many benefits this service provides:
– Catching potential infringers of your trademark early on
– Preventing the possibility of consumer confusion and unfair competition with your brand
– You stay informed and up-to-date on the status of your trademark
– You stay in control of your brand by letting infringers know that you are serious about maintaining your trademark

For more information contact the Monitoring Department of AMD LAW at Please be advised that this rate applies to domestic U.S. trademarks.  There are additional fees for international trademarks.  

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