Beware of Illegal File Sharing

Originally posted 2016-10-12 12:30:11

Tasha Schmidt,

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Designed to hold those accountable who are engaged in illegal file sharing, this new software is designed to protect those whose creative property is being infringed upon illegally. This software is modeled after something like the, “three strikes and your out policy,” that many people are familiar with and has been implemented to try and prevent individuals from sharing their files illegally. The system is called CAS (Copyright Alert System.) It was developed by a group of Internet service providers to alert those who have been “casually” involved in illegal file sharing. On peer-to-peer networks, content owners identify the illegally uploaded files. Then the Internet providers are contacted if the individual with the IP address is in fact their customer.

The alerts start out non-threatening just making the individual aware of what they are doing. However, if the pirating continues to happen, they will receive messages, which will make them confirm that they have seen the alert. Then the fifth and sixth alert are, “mitigation alerts.” These alerts can go on to slow the user’s Internet speed. Even though the alerts stop preceding this, a record of copyright infringement is recorded. CAS software has been criticized on a number of counts including the issue that people who have open Wi-Fi signals and shared Internet could be held responsible even if they did not commit the act. This is because the pirating is found through the IP address. Those that have been wrongly accused can contest the charges within two weeks after receiving a mitigation report by requesting a review of their IP. However, this does cost $35.

For quite sometime, companies have been trying to find a way to hold those who are participating in illegal file sharing accountable. This program is aimed at making the, “casual user,” aware of what they are doing as some people may not totally understand what exactly illegal file sharing is.

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