Apple Gets Baked With Lawsuit…Again

Originally posted 2018-05-22 3:55:50

By Kathleen Melhorn|

A popular audio company by the name of THX is filing a lawsuit against the multinational electronics corporation for creating a speaker that has already been patented. THX created what they call the “Slot Speaker” back in the early 2000’s, and proceeded to patent the unique design which allows the speaker to be covered in the front, and the sound to come out of the side. Apple’s newest iMacs, iPhones, and iPads contain the technology that THX have asked the company to stop manufacturing. Not only have they asked for production to be ceased, but they are also asking for damages over the infringement.

However, the validity of this lawsuit is in question on account that the founder of THX electronics is also an employee at the Apple Company. Tom Holman has been working with Apple for over two years now and it is very possible that he gave the company the idea to create the speaker. Along with having a valid reason for creation of the similar speaker, Apple may also get away clean because THX’s patent may not hold up in court. Apparently the patent was created under a special type of electronics patent that is usually debatable in court. 

Will Apple get away with infringement again this year? 

Source: Wesley, Roberts. “THX Sues Apple Over Slim Speaker Patent Infringement.” Techfragments RSS, 17 Mar.

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