Apple doesn’t make the same mistake twice (Kathleen Melhorn, Staff Writer)

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:17:26

Instead of facing infringement charges or risking winding up in court again, Apple filed seven trademarks this week. The patents Apple filed would protect the application icons in the new iPod Nano device coming out soon. A website called “Patently Apple” which focuses solely around Apple’s inventions, breaks down the entire file for the trademarks. Viewers are able to see all details down to the colors that they would like to own for the application icons.

This effort to clear up any confusion the public might have about Apple’s different products was a great step forward to stay out of trouble. Lately, Apple has been getting hit left and right with copyright and trademark violations from all over the world. It’s important for Apple to patent their brand and products in order to avoid bankruptcy or a great loss in revenue. The website about what Patents they own, and the effort to patent their products before they even come out, are the first steps.



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