Angelina Jolie fights Copyright Infringement- Intellectual Property Case Study #19

Originally posted 2016-03-28 8:32:51

Angelina Jolie has recently begun making preparations to dismiss a lawsuit from a Croatian journalist who claims that the storyline for her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” was taken from his own book about the Bosnian Civil War.

The movie, entirely written, produced, and directed by Jolie, follows the romance between a rape and kidnap victim and one of her captors during the war.

The reporter, James J. Braddock, filed a copyright infringement suit claiming that the plot of the film was lifted from his 2007 book, “The Soul Shattering.” Braddock claims that he showed his story to the film’s co-producer during a 2008 meeting to discuss the possibility of turning it into a film, though nothing came of it.

At first, Jolie just brushed off the claims, but now, backed with officials at production company GK Films as well as the distributor FilmDistrict, they have taken legal action to get the case dismissed entirely.

Documents from their dismissal request state that “Defendants deny that they violated the Berne Convention for the production of literary and Artistic Works or any other law at issue in this case, including United States copyright laws. Defendants further deny that the projectable elements of the Motion Picture and the book entitled The Soul Shattering are legally or substantially similar under controlling ninth circuit law.”

A copyright is a right to prevent others from using your originally authored work. To protect their creative ingenuity, as well as to ensure that they are the only ones who can make use of and profit from their material, authors of artistic or intellectual works have their material copyrighted. Those who have copyrighted material have many exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce the work, distribute copies to the public for sale, and perform the work. Since anything you create can be copyrighted, copyrights can protect endless types of creative work. Some examples are recorded music, books, software codes, video games, paintings, plays, or sculptures.

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