An Unknown Privacy Infringement?

Originally posted 2017-02-27 12:10:20

Tasha Schmidt,

Staff Writer,


Have you downloaded an app for Google Play? Well next time you do, you will probably think twice before doing it. In addition to the malicious software that somehow wiggled its way into the store, it was revealed that Google collects users personal data. Not only do they collect the data, but they also send it to the individuals who are developing these apps. So yes, this means that your addresses, names, the area you live in, and even email addresses, are sent to those who purchase the apps. Opinions appear to be mixed on the issue. Some feel that this is an extreme privacy violation of intellectual property, where others think it is an ingenious plan to cater to customers needs and demands. This is and will be impacting how companies may view privacy infringement differently than it may be viewed by its customer base.

This is a lesson that many people feel companies on the Internet need to learn. If customers feel disrespected, they may leave, and sales may be affected negatively. However, regardless of the issue of privacy infringement on the Internet, many are speaking very positively about this new music streaming service that Google is looking to release possibly next fall. If everything is approved, along with the battle concerning property infringement, and Google can score a deal with Android, it is expected that Spotify and Apple may feel the effects from this new service. It will be interesting to see how the public will respond towards Google as it becomes apparent and obvious what Google is doing with their data.  It is interesting and a little bit concerning to think about what corporations on the Internet may be doing with our data. AMD Law can help you figure out how you can protect and continue to protect your intellectual property.