An Ironic Lawsuit

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:18:37

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It turns out that even websites that allow for illegal file share will sue for copyright infringement. Ironically, a website called The Pirate Bay, which allows individuals to share files illegally is suing an anti-piracy organization, for copyright infringement. They have filed a lawsuit against Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre in Finland. The Pirate Bay is accusing the CIAPC for violating copyright laws claiming that they built their site on copied files, calling the site Piraattilahti (Finnish for pirate bay.) The site looks very similar to The Pirate Bay; however, it instead has links to pages where individuals can purchase products legally. Changing the logo or making a slight edit, is not enough to remove liability, the copyright infringement is still there. This is very applicable to those creating and designing website. Many are calling both parties hypocrites in light that CIAPC has violated copyright law and the mere fact that the Pirate Bay has taken action. AMD Law can help guide you through the tricky world of copyright infringement. 


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