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An Important Question to Ask When Providing Sight to One Billion People – AMD LAW GROUP

An Important Question to Ask When Providing Sight to One Billion People

Originally posted 2017-02-27 12:09:44

sight to blindErin Holbrook |

So you have come up with a great invention that can help not only millions but billions of the worlds poor see. How are you able to keep costs down while scaling up on production?

This is the question professor Josh Silver is grasping the answer to. Back in 1985, when discussing with a colleague about the possibility of producing glasses, that can be adjusted without the need for the expensive machinery or the obstetrician altogether. This conversation sparked Mr. Silver’s quest to help the poor of the world see.

About 30,000 of these glasses have been distributed across 15 countries. His next goal is ambitious, provide adaptive glasses to  1 billion of the world’s poor by 2020. From there the scope opens up and Mr. Silver will not stop at one billion when more than one half of the world’s population is in need of glasses.

The glasses are able to be adjusted and readjusted by the wearer to ensure that even if their vision changed, they would be still able to see correctly. The glasses are filled with a fluid, that can be adjusted by the user till their vision is at optimal levels.

This innovation is paramount in regions that don’t have enough obstetricians for the community. Being able to see and fix fishing nets, see sewing needles when doing seamstress work, or just being able to work at a job longer than one once thought is priceless.

Once you come up with a world helping invention the work does not stop when the product is made and sold. Don’t forget scalability especially when you need to keep costs low and unit production high. Don’t be discouraged it can be done and what better an inventor than you?

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