AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING is a corporate partner of AMD LAW and IS MY BRAND PROTECTED?.  AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING provides business-consulting services for small to large sized businesses looking to expand into the global marketplace.  Additionally, AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING has a focus on emerging corporate and internet compliance issues such as medical record keeping and cyber security.

AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING has a patent services consulting division, which works along side the legal department for matters requiring consulting as well as legal services.  Among other services, AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING provides pre- patent analysis reports and searches and exclusive research for clients looking to acquire inventions to complement their existing strategies.

Social entrepreneurship is a keen focus for AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING, as such AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING assists with the adoption fo sustainable business processes and practices.  AMD GLOBAL advocates for responsible business by establishing B or benefit corporations where appropriate to allow its clients to serve the international community in new and better ways.

AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING also has a training division that provides corporate training related to brand protection and the effective management of human capital.

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