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At AMD GLOBAL Consulting we understand that inventors require personal guidance before they decide to file their patent applications. We encourage evaluating the scope of patentability of an invention before rushing into the application process.

Our Associates are trained to offer personal sessions in translating the invention from an inventor’s view into a form suitable for the US patent system.

We offer the best mix of consultation and legal services as required by our clients. It is our aim to bridge the gap between our client’s invention and an ideal invention as sought by the USPTO.

Being a global consulting firm we have a network across several nations to help our clients find international protection at ease.

Our consulting services have been specially formulated to cater to inventions at a primary stage of the patent process, as we believe we can make the best use of the initial stage to anticipate the outcome at the patent office. We offer the following consulting services:

This helps to understand the scope of patentability before filing an application. The guidelines include notes on how to modify the invention from a probable patent grant point of view, as most often there is a difference between what an inventor may consider as an “invention” versus what the patent office can grant as a patent.

This report comprises of a comparative study of inventions closely similar to the client’s invention, in order to understand the path adopted by the patent office in granting, rejecting or opposing those applications. This will advantage the client from repeating the flaws performed by previous applicants. It is an absolutely factual report with statistics if necessary and, therefore, can be used by the client as a strong supporting document to explain the merits of their invention to an interested party such as an investor.

This is a very useful service when a client has an idea, or has formulated an invention but is unsure of patenting and even if the inventor believes it is patentable since we analyze the invention from the patent office point of view warning every fault and encouraging every developing step towards a potential patent.

We encourage applicants to take charge of their applications and to be greatly involved, in view of the same we offer any consultation related to a point of law or procedural understanding patent law can be complicated for the applicant to understand. Additionally, if the applicant finds it burdensome to define the path towards filing an application and beyond, we offer complete guidance.

Once the patentee is certain that the patent is ready to enter the patent system we offer all main actions required to successfully file a patent application, related office actions and legal opinions such as Freedom to Operate (to ensure non-infringement before use/manufacturing a product or process). The legal services we offer include the following:

A certified search aims to reach an 80% confidence level in order to estimate whether one must proceed towards pursuing a patent.

An IDF details the invention in a convenient format required by Attorneys to understand the technical details of the invention and all information essential before conducting a search, drafting a patent and such other actions.

A provisional application is a patent application without the requirement to include claims. It is a good strategy to secure the priority date while buying time for a non-provisional application (to be filed within 12 months from the provisional filing date).

A non-provisional application must contain a declaration/claims regarding the invention.  Once filed, it initiates the examination process by the Patent Office.

An OA requires a detailed and technical response to be filed in a timely manner. This is an important part of the patent process as a lapse in the process may result in rejection of the patent.

A Freedom to operate offers an understanding of whether a product/process may be considered to infringe an existing patent(s) owned by others.

As patent documents are highly technical and have a language of their own, we strongly suggest proofreading documents, especially pro se applications.

Managing a collection of patent applications (related/unrelated) owned by the same applicant.

We also provide complete profile services where we take care of every deadline, drafting, searches, opinions and other such actions to ensure full service for the invention.

The Patent Process


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