A Patent Suit Over Battery Life

Originally posted 2018-05-24 8:05:14

By Tasha Schmidt | amdlawgroup.com

Patents can be complicated, as they might not hold up the same in every country. A company may have a patent on an innovation in one country, however, that patent may not be valid when being addressed in another country, depending on the patent and innovation. However patents are very beneficial and necessary to protecting your inventions and property. 

Nokia Oyj claimed that HTC Corp. violated a patent for technology on mobile phones, and the Mannheim court has gone on to rule that they were justified in doing so.The courts decision decided that the technology that helps save battery life, which had been used in HTC phones, was an infringement on Nokia’s European patent in Germany. This decision only refers to a portion of mobile phones, which are currently not imported to Germany anymore.

The technology, which had been ruled a patent infringement, is no longer used on the current phones made by HTC. According to HTC, which is based out of Taiwan, this case will not stop here. The company is claiming that the patent is not valid in this situation and is going to move forth in appealing the decision. HTC also believes that any technology similar to what Nokia found similar in the handsets they are currently not utilizing. Nokia holds strong that their intellectual property rights have been rightly protected.