8 Popular Inventions Created By Women

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:20:51

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When you think of famous inventors of the past, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison come to mind, but have we forgot the great inventions created by women? Here are a few to add to your memory bank.

1. The Windshield Wiper

Back in 1903 this was invented from necessity to keep snow and ice from making driving hazardous. Invented by Mary Anderson, she filed for the patent in 1903 and was awarded it in 1904. Now we take this gadget for granted in each car and truck on the road.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ruth Wakefield back in 1930, was making cookies for the inn her and her husband owned named toll house. When she ran out of baker’s chocolate she broke up some pieces of semi sweet chocolate thinking it would mix in to the cookies and when it didn’t the chocolate chip cookies (and dough) was born.

  1. Monopoly

Elizabeth Maggie, built a board game named “the Landlord’s game” to show the tragic effects of land-grabbing, and the classic board game Monopoly was born. The patent was applied for in 1903 and granted in 1904.

  1. Solar Heated Home

Dr. Maria Telkes, a Hungarian native, was the first person to invent solar home heating system in the 1940’s.

  1. Beer

While the person who invented it is unknown, historian Jane Payton, explained that women have been the brewers of beer for thousands of years. Women were the only ones allowed to tend bar and serve beer also. Beer was considered a gift from the Goddess.

  1. Square Bottom Paper Bag

Margaret Knight was sure there was a better more useful way for a bag to be useful without square bottoms. So she developed a way to cut the bottom of the bag and fold it to a square bottom. Charles Annan stole her design and said that a women could not have come up with such a complicated design. Knight sued him by saying the prototype was rightfully hers and won, she was granted the patent in 1871.

  1. The Fire Escape

The first known fire escape was created in 1879 by Anna Connelly. Later it became a mandatory safety code requirement for many buildings.

  1. Kevlar

Stephanie Kwolek’s research with DuPont came up with the compound we now use in bulletproof vests, known as Kevlar. The materials were patented in 1966.

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