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007: Eight Thoughts About Developing a Viable Business Idea – AMD LAW GROUP

007: Eight Thoughts About Developing a Viable Business Idea

Originally posted 2018-05-18 2:11:55

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In this episode, we will discuss eight thoughts about developing a viable business idea.

Lead-off Quote:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Central theme:  Eight Thoughts About  Developing  a Viable Business Idea

  1. When you start, do not worry about viability.
  2. Sometimes the best discoveries come by accident.
  3. Look for ideas that require as little capital as possible.
  4. Seek out ideas that will general some quick sales.
  5. Look for products or services that can withstand your growing pains.
  6. Seek to develop a product where there are a quantifiable number of customers.
  7. Avoid products that are merely an extension of a competitor’s product.
  8. Stay away from products that depend on government approval.

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